Instagram advocates love the simplicity of the image-sharing application. It encourages easy connections and offers quick visual inspiration.

With a community of more than 300 million users, the mobile platform is a favorite of the rising generation of new consumers. If your brand has a strong visual identity, you should consider Instagram as a place to build your digital footprint.

Not familiar with Instagram? Download the free app. Start scrolling the feed and you’ll find a plethora of pleasing photographs. Search for people, subjects or businesses that interest you, and get your creative juices flowing! Instagram provides a brief, stimulating break in your day.

Like other social media platforms, building a presence on Instagram is a time commitment, but a worthwhile investment that will do wonders for your brand’s reputation. You can tell your brand’s story by sharing beautiful, inspirational photography.

IMG_0240Decide on your goal. Do you want to increase awareness of your brand? Shift to a more positive perception? Reach a new audience?

Determine a few themes that will authenticate your brand and carry these through your posts. For example, a local coffee shop that roasts its own beans could tell that story through the visual sequence of harvesting the beans on the plantation, global transport in burlap sacks, the fresh roasting process and packaging in their branded bags.

Keep It Simple. Simplicity is one of the captivating features of Instagram. The photo should make an instant connection with the viewer. Captions should be short and fresh. Be generous with your likes and follows of other Instagram users, and soon you’ll grow followers to your brand, too.

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