U.S. sales from social commerce have grown from $3 billion in 2012 to a projected $14 billion in 2015. Is social commerce the same as ecommerce? No. Social commerce is defined as sales derived from social media channels – through the shopping, recommending and selling behaviors of both buyers and sellers. This means your business can garner social commerce even though you may not have an ecommerce website.

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An infographic compiled by Investp, and shared by Hubspot, shows that Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are driving the most social sales. The potential here is huge – social commerce sales in 2015 are projected to be 5% of all online sales, which is tremendous opportunity for the growth of all businesses.

Even if you are not an ecommerce business, you can still benefit from these statistics. Sponsored posts on even the most niche social sites have proven to drive website traffic. By optimizing your website for conversions, you can turn these visitors into potential clients. Call us to find out how.

Further, every business in every industry is now being evaluated by the online reputation they have cultivated. Smart B2B and B2C organizations are boosting the number of positive online reviews of their company with our proprietary reputation management software, SmartRep. The results are better search engine rankings and better customer engagement.

In addition, positive reviews of a product increase desirability and may actually drive up the retail selling price of an item – basic supply and demand metrics! Conversely, negative reviews of a product on social media have an 11% chance of changing a person’s intent to purchase.

How to grab a piece of the action:

  1. Build a stellar online reputation with SmartRep, which will automatically feed your social media accounts with positive reviews from your customers.
  2. Optimize your website for conversion of visitors to potential clients. For a complimentary analysis of your current site, call us today.
  3. Strategically integrate social sharing buttons onto your site, such as the Facebook Like, the Pinterest Pin It, Twitter’s Tweet This, Google’s +1. If your site doesn’t offer ecommerce, place these buttons on your blog posts, giving your readers the chance to share on their social sites. You’ll have a stream of new blog visitors and the opportunity to build your customer base through this inbound channel.

Call SmartRep today to find out how you can capitalize on the business boom happening online NOW.