How It Works


First the SmartRep online reputation management system contacts your customers via branded email and asks them for a review. As the responses come back, our Smart Route Technology™ captures four and five-star reviews and automatically posts them to your website as well as to your Google+, Facebook and Twitter pages. These customers are thanked by return email and also asked to post their review onto their own social media pages and review sites relevant to your business through their personal accounts. This spreads the good word and grows your brand.


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A rating of three stars or less is routed to a page containing a custom message that offers an apology and expresses your commitment to providing a better experience. This can be a text or a video message completely branded to your business and should include a generous incentive to invite them back. They are also encouraged to make suggestions on how your business could have provided better service, making you aware of any staffing, training or quality control issues. This page gives the customer a place to vent without broadcasting their feelings on a public review site.


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Your simple and powerful dashboard is available 24/7. It integrates all review sites, allowing you to sort reviews by location and employee. It also provides in-depth reporting and analysis of your online visibility and ratings.


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Reviews about your business from all sources, even those that did not originate from your email, are collected into your dashboard; and you or your customer service manager is immediately notified by email and/or text message of any negative review so that it can be dealt with promptly.


The system takes the guesswork out of review management. Our clients using the SmartRep online reputation management system are saying that they don’t know how they operated without it. It gives them the information they need to act promptly and decisively to deal with problems before they get out of hand.

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