Online Reputation Management Tools Lead to Higher Search Rankings

Local search results are dominated by businesses with 4 & 5 star reviews
  • Reviews are one of the first things that are likely to show up when people search for the name of your business. In many cases, reviews are dominating the first page of search results.features_seo copy
  • Reviews influence your ranking in map search, on the local carousel and in mobile search.
  • The “highest-rated” businesses will appear first in Google Maps local search results.
  • Digital Marketing Works reported “a very strong correlation” between reviews/ratings and position in the local carousel that displays at the top of local search results.
  • Google now displays reviews and ratings and uses them to rank search results on mobile devices.

This makes sense, because the search engines are businesses: they benefit from user satisfaction, and so they want the “best” businesses to show up first. The SmartRep online reputation management tools are designed to help you put your best foot forward.

Here are some more reasons:

  • Yelp and Google users can actually filter their search results to only include “highest rated” or “most reviewed” businesses.
  • People increasingly rely on reviews to help them make smarter choices. A profile without reviews isn’t very useful, doesn’t speak to the legitimacy of the business and doesn’t contain the detailed information that people need to make an informed decision, whether it’s about where to have dinner or where to buy a car.

features_reviewsitesWhen it comes to reviews, the search engines care about two things: the number of reviews you have and your overall rating. SmartRep’s online reputation management tools allow your business to gain more four and five-star reviews using automated emails and intelligent routing. The system automatically emails customers asking them to share their experience. Once they have responded, our intelligent routing system asks customers with four or five-star reviews to share them on top review sites.

Over time, our online reputation management tools will build your business a great online reputation and increase your organic rankings in the search engine results pages.