Anyone who does much searching on Google these days knows that search engines are placing priorities on star ratings extending to all verticals. We now know that the quality and quantity of reviews improve search engine results – that’s free SEO juice.

The real question is how much can bad reviews hurt your business? That, of course, is the scary unknown. You’ll never know if a potential customer changed their mind about coming to you because of something they read online. The frustrating part is that the whole review system is biased against businesses because people are much more likely to go and write a bad review than a good one.

So while no one can determine what a bad review costs, there is interesting new research about how good reviews can impact the bottom line. According to an article in the Economic Journal, restaurants who had a half-star increase (from 3 – 3.5 stars) showed a 19-21% increase in sales. Their conclusion was that even a half-star increase makes all the difference. Bottom line, no one can afford to ignore online reviews any more.

Up until now, there has been no good answer. As reliance on reviews evolves, businesses won’t be able to survive with unhappy customers. But now, SmartRep offers a way to engage all your customers. Our Smart Response algorithm filters customer responses by the number of stars they rated the business and directs the customer to the appropriate area. This allows the business owner to react and respond immediately to any negative review, ultimately recovering the customer’s goodwill before a negative review shows up online. For positive reviews, the customer is offered an easy way to post their comments online on popular review sites.

The result? You’ve engaged your customers and taken a giant step towards loyalty and allegiance with your customer base.

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